2018 Breakout Sessions — Registration closed!


Feast & Fellowship: Hospitality Around the Table
Megan Morris

Throughout the gospels, Jesus can be found reclining around a table, talking with his friends. If it was a primary means of ministry for Jesus, how might we redeem our tables for his purposes? Story & Soul Team Member Megan Morris will help us prepare our hearts to go beyond entertaining to true hospitality, and she’ll share practical tips, like simple, inexpensive ways to design a beautiful table, and easy items to have on hand for unexpected guests.


Sabbath Rest
Lauren Weir

God established rest from the very beginning of scripture, and it’s a vital part of the big story of the Bible. Join counselor and artist Lauren Weir as she gives us the biblical history of rest and shares how God’s truths provide beautiful rescue for the weary.


How to Disciple When You Haven’t Been Discipled
Ariyana Rimson

Matthew 28:19 is a call for all believers to “go and make disciples,” but though it’s commanded, it’s difficult to know how to follow in obedience when you haven’t personally experienced it. Ariyana Rimson, Director of the Moriah House and counselor, will equip us with practical tools to begin walking in obedience to The Great Commission and set an example for the believers who follow behind us.


Created to Create: Guided Painting
Brittney Gunter

God is the Creator, so is it any wonder we so often long to create? Join artist and ministry leader Brittney Gunter for a time of guided painting—and don’t worry! Beginners will feel right at home as Brittney leads you step-by-step. Participants will leave with an 8x10 painting. This breakout session has a $6 fee to cover the cost of supplies.

**Note: To cover the cost of supplies, this breakout session has a $6 fee. You will receive an email with a payment link a few days after registering!


Discipleship in the Home

Christin Poley

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations.” This command certainly extends to our own homes as we parent the children God has entrusted to us. Discipleship works best when it’s a part of our daily rhythm and works within our schedule, so we can take moments as they come to direct little hearts back to scripture. Join Story & Soul Team Member Christin Poley as she shares practical ways we can develop daily rhythms to direct our kids to God.


A Year of Service: 525,600 Minutes
Penny Clark

This secular song suggests we measure a year in love. Jesus says in John 13:34, “A new command I give you: Love one another.” Whether it’s “in laughter or in cups of coffee” as the song suggests, or in “doing to the least of these” as Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40, Christ followers can measure our days in service to Him by loving others. And what could be more fun than doing that alongside girlfriends or your small group? Join ministry leader Penny Clark as she unpacks how the story of the Bible gives us examples of how to serve others and offers practical, fun ways of service. Truly, nothing is too small an act when demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ!

Breakout registrations closeD november 15!

If you're a participant who wasn't able to register in time, no worries! We’ll pick your sessions for you, and we're confident you'll love where you end up. Have any other questions? Email us at storyandsoulweekend@gmail.com.