Donna Gaines testimonial - Story & Soul Weekend

“Your soul…

has a unique God-shaped vacuum that only He can fill. With the demands of our busy lives, pulling away for a weekend to focus on scripture–God’s Story, and your soul will bless you and refresh you beyond what you can imagine. I love the team at Story and Soul and they do a fantastic job of preparing for you! You will experience relevant Bible teaching, authentic worship and an opportunity for connecting with other women. This retreat is ideal for your small group or women’s ministry. I have participated the last two years and know you will leave refreshed, refocused and saying, ‘Look what God has done!!’”

Donna Gaines

Pastor’s Wife, Mom of four and Nonna to eleven, Author, Bible Teacher, Bellevue Baptist Church

“I am so excited about what awaits all of the ladies that choose to attend Story and Soul Weekend. These few days will be a delightful time for them to slow down and listen to God together. I believe that days like this can change a life! I know the heart and thought and prayer that goes into this retreat, and I urge all who would like to experience a fresh touch from God to sign up right away! I promise, it will do your soul GOOD.”

Rick Sayger

Lead Pastor, Colonial Hills Church


We love when mothers and daughters attend Story & Soul Weekend together! Hear how the experience impacted this precious mother-daughter trio:



"Story & Soul is a gathering of women of all ages, sharing their faith, bonding, and spending time together. There’s not too much structure, and it gave me the opportunity to form relationships with women beyond Sunday morning interactions. It’s such a peaceful setting, and the rooms are decorated so beautifully."



"We were so pleasantly surprised. They just spoil you from the time you walk in until the time you leave, the perfect balance of structure and rest. Story & Soul gave my daughters a new level of comfortability with one girl in particular. Story & Soul is what launched that deeper friendship for them and has been the perfect stepping stone for a mentor or discipleship relationship rather than just another face at church."



"It’s actually a retreat. Relationships have an opportunity to form through those quieter times when you can rest and have unforced conversations—just real talk."


“During the weekend, our women’s group had the opportunity to slow down, connect with one another, and center on God’s Word.  The keynote speakers were of excellent quality, as were the breakout session leaders, offering our women biblical truths that were both relevant and applicable in their everyday living. The entire experience was wonderful, from the warm hospitality to the cozy accommodations!  I could tell much thought went into each detail of the retreat weekend.  I would highly recommend Story & Soul Weekend to any women’s group looking for a Christ-centered weekend retreat.”

Brittney Gunter

Women’s Ministry Lay Leader, Colonial Hills Church